Avocado Shake Batu Buruk – The Best Avocado Shake in town!

Looking for something to soothe your thirst, with a more “green-twist”? Check out Avocado Shake Batu Buruk (ASBB)

Where to eat in Terengganu – Avocado Shake!

Located by the Batu Buruk Beach, ASBB is open everyday except friday, and is open from 12 PM to 7 PM. Three delicious menu is ready for your pleasure, and the health benefit from avocado will leave your body healthier and stronger like never before.

To get here, simply click on the location tab below (for android app), or click the image below to open up the location of ASBB on your favourite maps app.

Click here on this image to open up the location of the ASBB.

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