Ganufresh – Online marketplace for deliveries of Fresh Produce and Groceries in Terengganu!

Welcome to the new world – buying groceris at your fingertips. Well maybe not that new. But anyhow, enter Ganufresh – a locally developed start up company dealing with fresh produce – meat, poultry, chickens, fish, cucumbers, catnip and turnip – to name a few, currently thriving in the wake of the COVID-19 events.

Delivery areas, thus far

The COVID-19 predicaments have pushed the locals to adopt a new purchasing habit – online groceries and fresh produce – to a whole new level, which has helped garnered interest and customers to the new start up.

Cooking recipe, cooking tips, all in!

Now, anywhere in Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Nerus, if you ever find yourself in the need for Ganufresh Fresh Produce delivery, right to your doorstep, look no further.

Ganufresh – Online marketplace of Fresh Groceries

With their online web ordering service at, the start up has been helping the government and the people to minimize their movement, within the movement control order recently enforced here in Malaysia.

Fresh Chickens – knock knock.

Affordable pricing, reasonable delivery charges, and friendly service has helped them gained customers trust in their services. Even our own team at Terengganu 360 have personally engaged in their services to a satisfactory extent.

Don’t forget to check out their facebook page here to for the latest update and promotions available! You can even chat with their customer service representative online (a real human) there too!

And lastly, check out their website – the main portal for customers to make any purchase –


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