Indonesian Style Lunch – Ayam Geprek AG (AG Geprek Chicken)

Fancy something Indonesian for lunch? Your wish has just been answered.

Ag Ayam Geprek (photo from their official facebook page)

Enter Ayam Geprek AG – one of the best, local brand, Geprek Chicken meal. Delicious, scrumptious chicken fried in bliss, served with either the special soy sauce blend, or the ever famous “super spicy sambal” (chilli paste), just to get that taste bud tingling with happiness beyond compare.

Inspired by the Indonesian Cuisine also known as “Ayam Geprek”, here, you will be served with nothing but satisfaction. A generous sized meal, delicious add ons, tasty drinks ready for takeaway anytime, will leave you full in no time.

Ag Ayam Geprek (photo from their official facebook page)

Located in the City of Kuala Terengganu, getting here is easy. Just take a taxi, or a e-hailing ride here. From the center of Kuala Terengganu city, it’ll probably be somewhere 8-10 MYR to get here. Check out the location of the place below:

That was the location of the first branch. If you dont mind eating at a different branch, the TD1303 branch is even closer to the center of the city. Just google “TD1303” and you’ll get there.
For you guys reading this on our official Terengganu 360 app, the location can be found by clicking the blue direction button down below.

Here’s a link to their facebook page –> Ag Ayam Geprek

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