Ramadan Treat – Break Fast with The Syrup Vs Soda

2020, all of us are currently under restricted movement order. And the same is also true for the Hidden Gem Of The East, Terengganu. But, if you do find yourself here in Terengganu in this trying times, fret not. The Syrup Vs Soda – one of the best local and western joint in Kuala Terengganu City provides a delivery service for your break fast enjoyment!

Their “never cease to amaze us” western combo

Even though their menu is a little stripped down during this Movement Control Order season, you will definitely still find something to satisfy your hunger for good food and fine dining.

Some of their mouthwatering Asian dish choices

To order, you can contact them directly through their Facebook page here, or through their instagram page here. We at @terengganu360 usually make a booking through their Instagram page, or directly to their whatsapp order number (lister on their instagram and facebook page as well).

For the exact location of the place, you can check out our previous post here, but of course, not now during the Restricted Movement Order is underway. Place your order, and let them come and deliver to you.

And they also do a special “Dua Chef Gemok” menu now during ramadhan – a super-spicy dish of a specially marinated and cooked chicken, served with white rice and fresh cucumber slice, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Super delicious marinated chicken and fresh white rice
Sea of spiciness – proceed with caution.

Highly recommended!

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