What to do in Terengganu – Hike the beautiful Cemerung, Berembun & Langsir Trinity – The CBL

Only for those with some fitness routine going. The route will be a treacherous one.

The Sunrise View from the top of Langsir Waterfall

The CBL Trinity, basically consist of 1 virgin forest, 1 mountain top and 1 waterfall which all sits within that forest range. The name was gathered together from the Cemerong Forest Reserve, Berembun Mountain, and the Langsir Waterfall.

After about a 35 minutes hike, you will be greeted with this beautiful waterfall – the foot of Langsir Waterfall.

A standard, popular trip would be at least a 3 days 2 nights of forest tracking and mountaineering around the forest reserve. Expect an approximately 7-8 hours of daily hike through the forest route. Some key points as to why the CBL is by far one of the most favourite mount to hike in Malaysia:

  • Different route – you climb up a path, and you go back down a different path
  • Water points everywhere – usable water source are almost everywhere across the path. You can easily get by with at least 1 small water bottle, with the ability to constantly refilling the bottle back from tiny creeks and waterways on the path up, and down.
  • The “camp site” for both nights will be just by a river / water source. You won’t have any issues getting water there
  • The view – sunrise at the top of the Langsir Waterfall – superb.

To hike here, you will need to get a guide to steer you up and back. It is mandatory, as of today, as the forest covers a vast area of land, and the existence of multiple optional routes makes it even more puzzling.

How to get to Cemerong Berembun Langsir CBL

  • from Kuala Lumpur, your best bet is probably by bus to a small town called Dungun, Terengganu. From there, you’d have to take private cab to get here (the entrance of the Cemerong Forest Reserve), which is quite a distance away (about 1 hour drive)
  • From the main city of Kuala Terengganu, a 1 hour 30 minutes drive will get you here.
  • Our suggestioin – try to find local hiking groups, and try to join them instead. as the hike itself will require authorized local guide to get you there, joining a trip might be a better idea as you will be able to save and might even carpool with trip participants from Kuala Lumpur.
  • You can also take a flight to Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur, and take a private cab there. The trip will take about 2 hours or so, and will probably not be cheap.
The Location of Chemerong Forest Reserve Entrance

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