Where To Eat in Kuala Terengganu – Batu Buruk Food Loft

Looking for a place to experience food and ambience like a local? This, might be the best place to do so.

Where To Eat in Terengganu – look no further

The locals has a unique culture – a tea time meal, usually served with a variety of delicaciens and condiments. And one particularly famous category for this delicacy is in the “fried-fritters” category. And no other place serves a larger variation than the Batu Buruk Food Loft.

Located near to the beach of Batu Buruk, (although we do not recommend you walk here, its a little far up stretch), the place is open from afternoon until 7 pm or so. You can find the exact location down below. Just click on the map, and the exact location of the food stall will open up in you Maps application.

Batu Buruk Food Loft

As of today, the place serves one of the largest “fried-fritters” variation you can ever find – cassava chips, bananas, some local secret recipe, and many others. They also serve some fried noodle and “chicken-rice” to go with it, if you needed something a bit heavier.

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